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Permit for a research project

Rights to research data

Data from the Greenlandic healthcare belongs to the Greenlandic Healthcare Service, and access to data requires approval from the Committee on Health Research Ethics for Greenland and the Health Management at Queen Ingrids Hospital. Research funded by SDCG is linked to the center and starts from here.

Research Ethics Principles

Research related to SDCGs meets the current conventions, legislation and principles that are relevant to research conducted in the country and in the country's population. This includes, for example, the Helsinki Declaration II of the UN Convention on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP). For the entire research effort under the auspices of the SDCG, there is freedom of research and publication.

Permit for a research project

In order to apply for permission to initiate a research project within the Greenlandic Healthcare Service, the following is required:

  1. The project must be approved by the Committee on Health Research Ethics for Greenland.
    Guidance and application form can be found in Danish and Greenlandic at

  2. Applicant must have approval from area or regional management. 
    If the project is intended to be carried out in the healthcare institutions and/or concerns patients, the applicant must obtain approval from the relevant area or regional management, which must agree to the total resource draw on the healthcare system as well as the feasibility of the project during the planned period, including where the project will take place, time period and any need for personnel assistance. Template for acceptance from area or regional management can be found here. If the project will not lead to resource drawings on the Healthcare System in the form of loans of equipment, premises or staff, this must be clearly stated in the application.

  3. Applicants must obtain final authorisation from the Health Management Board
    All research projects that take place in the health institutions, in collaboration with staff from the health system and/or deal with patients, must be approved by the Health Management Board. Upon given permission from points 1 and 2, the following material must be submitted to the Greenland Health Service ( for final permission:
    Project description with brief summary
    - Approval from the Scientific Ethics Committee
    - Acceptance from the responsible area or regional management (in the case of no resource move, this is not necessary)

The following projects are not permitted:

  • Involves reviewing records, as this is only permitted for employees in the Greenlandic Healthcare Service. However, the vast majority of information and data can be extracted from the electronic medical record (EMR) with the help of the Healthcare IT department.
  • Requires too many resources from the Greenlandic Healthcare Service (either in the form of help from employees, premises, materials or other).