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Stine Byberg

Senior Researcher and Team Leader, Epidemiologist 

Stine holds a Master of Science in Public Health from the University of Copenhagen and a PhD in Health Economics and Epidemiology from SDU. Stine is employed at the Department of Clinical Epidemiological Research at Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen and has been stationed at Steno Diabetes Center Greenland since January 2022. Stine has for a long time worked with various Greenland-related projects, including investigating the incidence of diabetic eye disease in Greenland and is currently researching how to make screening for diabetic eye disease smarter and cheaper in Greenland. Stine has collected and analyzed various data during the population survey in 2018 and is also part of the POLAR project where meteorological data are combined with health data. As an epidemiologist, Stine has a good knowledge of research in health registers and data collection, as well as processing and modelling large amounts of data. In addition to her work in Greenland, Stine also works with screening of diabetic eye disease in Denmark, and is an active part of several diabetes projects in Africa.

Read more about Stines research here

Education: Master of Science in Public Health, PhD