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Steno Diabetes Center Greenland gets website

Steno Diabetes Center Greenland gathers information about lifestyle diseases at and will inspire to a healthier life.
19. September 2022

Steno Diabetes Center Greenland has a website that has a special focus on informing about diabetes, hypertension and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

The website can be found at and is available in Greenlandic and Danish. Some items on the website will also be available in English.

In addition, there is information about a healthier life with inspiration to get started with lifestyle changes, help with smoking cessation, more physical activity and healthier eating habits.

The goal of the website is to become a knowledge bank for people with lifestyle diseases with general information about diseases, written patient guides, leaflets, videos and animation films”, says Medical Center Manager, Michael Lynge Pedersen.

Over the next few years, more information will be developed for people with lifestyle diseases, which will become available on the website. The material is developed based on the wishes of people with lifestyle diseases as well as health professionals.

We hope that the website will be of benefit and inspiration to many citizens in Greenland and can help to spread awareness of the diseases and especially the many opportunities to prevent and treat the conditions in time,” concludes Michael Lynge Pedersen.

Steno Diabetes Center Greenland
- A center with nationwide tasks

The vision of the center is to improve the general health and quality of life for all people throughout the country with diabetes, high blood pressure and COPD, and to contribute to a coherent treatment effort. 

The establishment of Steno Diabetes Center Greenland is the core of the cooperation and the center is becoming an integral part of the Greenland Health Service. At Inuunerissaavik Steno, healthcare professionals and researchers will treat, develop and gather knowledge about diabetes and selected lifestyle diseases.