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The Greenlandic Health Service strengthens its efforts with telemedicine

16. May 2023

Puisa new app for video consultations

The Greenlandic Health Service launches a new app that can be used for video consultations. In the future, it will be possible to have conversations with healthcare professionals from home.

We all know video calls from FaceTime and Messenger. Puisa video consultations are a safe way to communicate with the Healthcare system and it can be downloaded for free on the AppStore and Google Play.

Follow the link in the SMS invitation

To have a Puisa video consultation, it requires that you have made an agreement with your therapist to have a video consultation. You will receive a text message with a link to the conversation.

Puisa is currently in use in Steno Diabetes Center Greenland (SDCG).

Medical Center Manager at SDCG, Michael Lynge Pedersen, is incredibly pleased with the opportunities that Puisa provides and says: “I find that it is easier to talk to the patient about their health when there is a picture on”. “I hope that the use of video consultations will become more common in healthcare in the future,” concludes Michael Lynge Pedersen.

Expansion of is a service that Queen Ingrid's Health Centre offers citizens in Nuuk. Since Steno Diabetes Center Greenland came into being in 2020, has also been a service to citizens of Nuuk, which was affiliated with the center. Steno Diabetes Center Greenland has now expanded this service, so it will now be possible for citizens throughout the country to submit information about their blood pressure, weight, physical activity and smoking status.

Citizens with type 1 diabetes can book time for Puisa video consultation at SDCG, regardless of where in the country they live.

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For further information about this announcement, please contact Steno Diabetes Center Greenland by email: