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Podcast: Episode 2 - Researchers want to heal foot ulcers by cheating the body.

22. February 2024
Diabetic foot ulcers can be very serious, and wound treatment can be a lengthy process. Scientists are now investigating whether, by pricking a foot wound with a needle, they can promote wound healing by increasing blood flow to the wound and at the same time making the body believe it has a new wound that needs to be healed.

Hear a doctor at the orthopedic surgery department at Sjællands University Hospital in Køge, Sahar Moeini, talk about the so-called pricking technique and its potential for developing a cheap and simple treatment for diabetic foot ulcers. She is conducting the study as part of her PhD and with support from Steno Diabetes Center Sjælland.

Researcher: Sahar Moeini
Host: Simon Brix 

The diabetes researchers are published by the 7 Steno Diabetes Centers and produced by Podcastbureauet.