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Podcast: The Diabetes Researchers - Season 4

14. February 2024

Hear about new research projects in the fourth season of the popular podcast ‘The Diabetes Researchers’ by the seven Steno Diabetes Centers.
The podcast series consists of 13 episodes and provides an exciting insight into the latest research and knowledge about diabetes.

You can already listen to the first 5 episodes. We'll share them with you on an ongoing basis.

Episode 1 - Proteins stabilize blood sugar better than fat

A PhD study from Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen shows that it is significantly better for the stabilization of blood sugar to replace with proteins rather than fat if adults with type 1 diabetes eat few carbohydrates.

Researcher: Signe Schmidt, physician and senior researcher at Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen (supervisor of the PhD project, which has been carried out by reserve physician Kasper Birch Kristensen)
Host: Simon Brix 

The diabetes researchers are published by the 7 Steno Diabetes Centers and produced by Podcastbureauet