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Podcast: Episode 11 - Overall Treatment of Diabetes and Other Diseases

21. May 2023


People with diabetes and one or more other chronic diseases are often treated in several places. It can be frustrating because the treatment can become incoherent, and they may find themselves with much of the responsibility for the treatment themselves. What is good for one disease is not always good for the other. It can even lead to a worsening of the disease.

But is it possible to combine the treatment for people with diabetes into one place with one team working together in the so-called multidisciplinary teams? Listen to Jonas Dahl Andersen, physiotherapist with a master's degree in clinical science and technology and PhD student at Steno Diabetes Center North Jutland in this episode tell more about multidisciplinary teams.

Diabetes researchers are published in a collaboration between the seven Steno Diabetes Centers. All podcasts are in Danish.